With more than a decade of experience in providing payroll & MPF processing solutions, HR21 designs HR-eLite to provide advanced functionality with friendly user interface to assist users to complete the tedious processes efficiently.

HR-eLite is cost-effective [ less than HK$5 per employee per month. ] Click  here  to view the annual fee table.

HR-eLite Makes Payroll an Easy Task

With HR-eLite’s user interface, payroll instructions can be done with a few clicks. Ad hoc payments and deductions can be inserted to regular payroll instruction as required. In addition, salary of new hires and terminated employees can be handled easily.

HR-eLite Calculates MPF Automatically

We keep HR-eLite’s MPF calculation logic meet with regulations in Hong Kong.

HR-eLite Produces Tax Files and Reports:

  • IR56B
Employer's Return
  • IR56E
New Employee
  • IR56F
Terminated Employee
  • IR56G
Employee Leaving Hong Kong

All forms can be generated in electronic format and the formats of the above reports have been approved by the Inland Revenue Department of Hong Kong.

Payroll and MPF instructions ready for submission electronically to major Banks and Trustees

Advanced Features

System Requirements

Hardware: Dual core CPU with 2GHz or above, 4 GB RAM, 60GB free HDD space
Operation System: Windows 10 (Professional & Enterprise) /
  Windows Server 2012, 2012R2 or above
Browser: Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge

A Demonstration of HR-eLite Application

To apply, please send us your application. Click  here  for the application form


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